company using my iD without permission

I have resigned from an IT company last month on 5th march 2015 and they accepted my resignation and mentioned 27th march 2015 as last working day as per policy to serve 15 working days. But now when I asked for my pending salary and experience letter they are making excuse like: Salary will be paid after reviewing code of your project and experience letter will be provided once new developer will join and you handover your project to him. I replied to them on this that all these things should be done in 15 serving period and there is nothing in policy that salary will be released after code review. Except that they are using an elance profile which is a freelancer ID not under company though it was created for company, but that ID is verified through my UDID and is of individual. I asked them to close that profile bcz I am not a part of org now and in future in something went wrong through that profile that will directly effect me. They reply on this : we will change front credentials like pic/ name but profile will remain with company as this was created when you were in company and now this is company's property. I would like to ask, 1. how can my personal ID be company's property without my permission? 2. Do I have rights to ask for closing that iD? 3. In policy there is nothing like work reviewing or hand over work to someone else (its more then month I resigned still they don't have new developer), am I still bounded to work for them in any case or can they blackmail me on my experience certificate like this?