OBC certificate Doubts for Government employees Children

Dear Sir, My doubt is regarding OBC certificate, 1. I am a son of State Government Teacher of Andhra Pradesh. Yesterday State Govt Offered Fitment 48% applicable from the month of April.If 48% fitment added my father annual salary will cross the OBC creamy layer i.e., 6 Lakss per annum. But this April month it is not presented in the form of salary, but G.O telling that it effects form April. Shall apply OBC certificate based on this April month salary certificate? (April salary certificate not showing added 48% fitment) 2. Is that creamy layer limit be calculated on Gross salary of parent or Net salary.? 3. Some of the people discussing over internet that only OFFICERS children do not come under OBC Non creamy layer. and Salary of parents should not be considered in NON Class-1 officers children whether they are govt/ private employees.They are telling that 6 lakh limit should not be calculated on Salaried (govt/ non govt) and agriculture land . How extent is this reliable. My father is not a Class-1 officer. So shall I apply for OBC without Mentioning my father salary particulars. 3. In OBC application form I found Annual family income of family (Excluding Salary) is asked, What should I mention there. In our case our annual income is completely my father salary. NO other mode of family income.