How to evict from my premises under Leave and Licence

I had given part of my ground floor on Lease Agreement in stay as a family. After 3 years I entered into Leave and Licence agreement and allowed them to continue to stay.The L&L agreement was renewed on every 11 months. Till Oct'2010 they paid the rent either thru bank or by cash without any receipt given. Afterwards they stopped paying licence fee in the pretext of serious financial hardship. Having a good relation I believed them and even without receiving the licence fee, I continued to make new L&L agreement till March 2013 which was valid till March'2014. Thereafter no agreement and they are forcibly occupying my house ( part of my ground floor ).The rent is due since Nov'2010. When I started putting pressure by my neighbours , they straightly denied that they have not paid the rent. They refused to vacate my house also. They even have gone to court praying for Injunction of 'Not to evict them without legal process'. Then I have given WO and WS and also made a counter claim (defaulter in rent payment: due since Nov'2010) and counter injunction.The Court proceeding is ON. Need your advice and further action for speedy closure of the case in my favour. I am presently staying out of town because of my job requirement.