Can a wife seperate her husband from his parents when he is a single child

I was married 1 Year ago (Dec 2017). 6 months wedding life was fine. After 6 months my wife started fighting with her in-laws (My Parents) (Small Small fights like not to control her on her expenditure & not to control her if she comes home late from work place like that). From Oct 2018 i.e from past 4 months she is not with me. She went to her parents place. When we call her back she demands for a separate house. But i am only child to my parents (No Siblings) so its my duty to take care of my parents during their end period of life. Now my parents are 54 & 57 years old. We stay in our own house in Bangalore. Now if she asks for a separate house i need to maintain 2 houses where monthly expenditure will go high my 40K which i feel unwanted & unnecessary & i cant bare too with what i earn monthly. I myself dont like to stay separate leaving my parents as my relatives and all will spit on my face that i left my parents who gave birth & raised me for 30 years. Plz let me know whether a wife has rights to demand seperate house when husband is the only child (only son) for the parents ???