Denial by wife on multiple aspects related to our son.

I got married in late 2016. For first 6 months things were fine but then my in laws started interfering in our martial life. Our small squabbling or disagreements got quickly aggravated as a result of influence from the in law's and now both the families are not even on talking terms. Since past 1.5+ years, all my efforts to reason with my wife has failed. In the meantime we had a son who is now 6 months old. My wife is continuously denying me even sending his pictures stating only video calls will be allowed. Those calls she is planning to use to provoke me and use as a harrasment proof. Secondly, as part of new born rituals there were two planned pujas for my son, both of which got cancelled as she and her parents created ruckus with things unrelated to the ceremonies. Kindly opine how to deal with these situations and what support does a husband have from judiciary for harrasment by wife and in laws? I am very much inclined to go for judicial separation or divorce as well to stop this day to day traumatic experience and legally be allowed to visit my son independently and create his emotional bond with my parents.