Cheating done to the land owner in a joint venture by the builder

Builder cheating/court lethargic Case filed at criminal court khadki cantonment, reg. no. 493/2018, cnr no. mhpu[deleted]: In a joint venture by a very senior retired person (land owner) with a builder, vishnubhagwan agarwal of venkateswara constructions, upon 40%/60% regd agreement after 5 years of delay he wants to offer to the land owner 25% instead of 40% of total constructed area. he said he would give only this much "go to police or court i dont care". this cheat is thus taking advantage of the lethargic legal system. Compromise steps, legal notices and police complaint, taking more than a year, became futile. Criminal case filed against the builder is being inordinately delayed in the court. the judge was indecisive for 6 months and then got transferred. under the new judge, the case is back to square one. In such blatant cases where the thief is caught red - handed why should the court allow the culprit to continue enjoying the loot? Requesting the court to be forthwith on this case and do justice to the aggrieved who is very much advanced in age.