Partition deed

My grand father got a properties form the partition executed b/w him & his other 3 brothers in the year 1946 (Panchayat Parikat). In the panchayat parikat document all four persons thumb impression is there along the patels signature. Also the revenue entries made in the year 1972 for few properties. After the death of my grand father in the year 1987, (my mother is the only child to my grand father) transferred into my mother name except 2 properties. In the year 2003 my mothers cousins (i.e my mothers uncles sons) created a 2nd partition deed including my grand fathers properties. And took signature from my mother for the partition deed stating they were dividing their fathers properties among his brothers and took signature as a witness. In the second partition deed they transferred 2 properties of my grand father share into their names and rest given to my mother. This event came to know us a year back. Whether i can challenge this second partition deed in the court. Kindly suggest.