What to do on receiving summons from court and only four days to appear in another city?

I am an Assistant Professor in a reputed university. I have been living separately from my husband of almost 3 years from past 2 and half years. He and his parents lied to our family before marriage. Immediately after marriage he fraudulently took all my money from fixed deposit accounts and kept hiding my bank documents for 6 months. He had been very abusive and emotionally blackmailed me. He also threatened me of dire consequences if I report the matter to anyone. His parents support him. He has bad habits such as smoking and drinking. I had to tell my family about all this because my mother in law started falsely complaining against me even before my parents. I was continuing my higher education after marriage in other city. I was so much traumatised by my marriage experience that I had to stay near my institution to be able to continue. My parents tried to talk to his parents but they responded in such a manner which led to verbal abuses from my side of family. They are very cunning and fraud people. They must have been keeping audio recording in their favour. Although I did or said not even a single wrong thing throughout the time I was there. I am a very simple and gentle woman belonging to rural family. I feel that my life is ruined now and thinking of ending my life because I will not be able to bear shame due to divorce. My family refused to approach court for divorce. Now he has sent me summons and I have to appear before district court in another city 4 days from today. I don't know what to do. They have put all allegations against me and asked for divorce without any money. My job is temporary and I have no where to go. I have been living on my own since last two and half years. It was a lavish wedding and now they don't want to pay anything. I do not get leaves and it will be impossible for me to contest this case for long in another city. Please guide me. This is urgent.