Proof Affidavit - clarification

I live in a flat. The sewer pipe of my flat passes through the side open space of the flat on the opposite side of my flat. This has been promoted by the government housing system similar like DDA. The opposite flat owner built an unauthorized shop on his side open space and has broken my sewer pipe. I approached the asst city civil court and they have granted an injunction restraining the opposite flat owner from constructing a shop. However, he did not respect the court and he has constructed the shop. He also approached the High Court and they have also upheld the injunction. Now the court has asked me to file a proof affidavit. Since the case has now been going on for more than a year i told my lawyer to also file the photos of the present state of problems i am facing today but my lawyer refused. My lawyer states that since the case is more than a year old we cannot file latest status in the proof affidavit but instead only file the details as per the old affidavit. My lawyer said while arguments are happening the latest photos can be used. I am totally confused. The case is more than a year old and now in the proof affidavit i want to file the latest photos. Am i allowed to do that or should i only file the details of the affidavit which is more than a year old. I will be highly grateful and thankful