79A and 79B

Sir, My aunt purchased a land which is now under litigation U/S 79A and 79B of Karantaka Land Reforms act. She bought an agricultural land from her husband Final settlement to secure her and husband Future. Please note: Her husband is ill with (hypertension BP, Diabetes and Stroke Paralysis treatment from 2002, pancreatitis treatment 2017and recently galbladder-2018 was removed from her husband body also and diagnosied triple vessel heart disease) The officer while computing the income of her, he has clubbed her husband's income. The revenue department (Assistant Commissioner) here, sent a notice saying she has violated sec 79A and 79B of the Act. My doubt is when the land is purchased for securing her future life i.e. for her personal purpose and for her and husband is it valid to include her husband's income while determining the eligibility criteria for owning an agricultural Land because the legislature has included the word 'OR' in the provision of Sec 79A sub sec 2 clause (ii) of the Act in Between the word 'a person' and 'a family'. Kindly Help