Wife forcing for Divorce

I lost mine job on march 2018 and infront of both families they kept condition that once you get job then you both leave together and spouse family kicked me from house whch is of my own flat and i accepted the condition and stayed out till i get job. Finally i got job in NOV 2018 and informed same to them.But now they started saying that mine salary is less compared to my wife and beyond that reason they came and asking for divorce with family members and also demanding 10Lacs and flat to be registered on her name and then need to go for mutual consent for divorce. I said am not interested in giving divorce and asked her to come back with pleased manner. Thet started calling me and asking repeaedly for divorce and settlement, otherwise we go legal and put cases on all your family members. After our marriage we both lived together seperately but not combined family.The flat which i purchased is on both names and am the person who paying loan till date also. If they go legal is that effected to our family members and suggest me how to approach on this issue. Thank You