A Mumbai company not paying my money. What should I do?

Hi, I worked for a company located in Mumbai Thane as a freelance content writer to complete an order. I completed the order and submitted the same to them, but they didn't pay for many days after the submission. The total amount for the work order was 22,500 INR. When I started calling and emailing them continuously day after day, week after week, they paid me only 5000 INR. And when I told them to pay the rest of the amount, they said they don't have money and will take time. Since then. three months have already gone by and now they have blocked my phone number, don't answer to my emails, and have completely decided to not pay me anything. They still owe me a sum of 18,500 INR and they are not paying me. In fact, I warned them that I would take a legal action against them, but they said I can do whatever I want and I will be the only one in loss at the end. I went to labor court here in Delhi and they told me they cannot do anything because It's a case of Mumbai, so it's not in their hands. Also, I went to lodge a compaint at a nearby police station, but they also said the same thing, it's an outside case. Now, I want to ask can anyone help me in this. Will I not get my money back ever just because it's a Mumbai case? Where should I go now? What should I do? Won't anyone listen in Delhi just because It's a Mumbai case? Please help me. 18,500 INR is a big amount for me. Isn't there a system through which I can file a complaint against the company in Mumbai? Please help me.