what best way to get a divorce from him

Hello everyone, I am a software engineer in Bangalore and I got married one year 1 month back. However since he used to emotionally hurt me all the time and was very abusive verbally, and due to other incompatibilities, I came to my parents house 7 months back..on his n his uncles request,I went to live with him again 5 months back. And since it still din't work out.I came back to my parents house 4 months back. And immediately left to Mysore for onsite work and returned after a month.Now, the husband and his family of 20 relatives came and threatened us a month back as well as said take a month to decide what you want to do. And next day we found out he has vacated the house we used to live in and has taken all my clothes n appliances and is not telling me where he is. I have asked several times to give new address. In this period since my sister meet with accident. We din't do any thing about it. Yesterday he has messaged saying he had left job n is leaving town n is accusing me in turn for making him alone and depressed and homeless n jobless!! And that he will cancel the number.. And they hadn't spent anything on the wedding not even a gift.and pressurized us to do a very grand wedding becks of which we had to sell all assets.now he says that they have spent a lot on the wedding! They only paid one lakh for honeymoon. Y that too after lot of request. He says if anything is too be conveyed we have to go to their native village. There, their house and Land is in disputes and they have lot of loans. I'm afraid if he goes off, we might never find them again. Now how should I proceed and get relief and divorce from him and get my expensive appliances back which were gifts from my parents. Also can I get any damages from him for all the assets we sold to do the wedding to their demands? He is hell bent on making me sufferm can he demand money from me saying he left the job? What if he leaves n disappears? I heard ex parte divorce vant be granted before 7 years.is that true?need to know how to deal with this situation.I need to finish this soon so I can live my life peacefully