Nri -divorce

Hello sir, I am NRI and need some assistance in applying for divorce.I got married last year in Aug to an Indian girl in my home town.My marriage was not consummated.After the marriage I learnt from her hospital records that she has PCOS(details below) from age of 13 and realized that this issue was the real cause for not consumating the marriage.Can this be ground for annulment based on fraud?.Please advice? Also ,I have a house on my name in india where my parents live.Can she claim residential rights in my house.Is there any way i can not let her come to my parents house since she my harass my parents. I am ok to pay her the maintenance if neccesary.In the meanwhile is it possible to sell my house or transfer my house to my mother name?.Can she do attachment in case if i do the same? Appreciate you help! I am residing in USA,can i be able to transfer my house on to my mothers name without my presence in india? .Can i be able to do right now with legal obligations coming up?Can she claim this move intentional and get court order?My home is under loan .Do i need to clear the loan in order to get the deed transferred to my parents?. Also one f my relative has suggested to lease or rent my house so that it will beaccomodate and when wife claim for residence pay her alternate accommodation so she will not enter my house.Can this be done to avoid her entry into my house?..Please let me know. Thanks