Need to understand what charges can I put on the culprit

I came in contact with this man, Sanjay Verma through (matrimonial website). We connected very well, I started loving him and we wanted to marry. He told me he was married once and has a son, Yogesh from his first wife who left him and married someone else when their son was just 6 months old. He was then working with Talwalkars in Mumbai, Vile Parle when we started speaking to each other. I met him in Mumbai on October 20th. But something happened and we stopped talking. Then on 10th December I received his message and he gave his new number. We connected again. He told me his mom is in hospital and she needs an angioplasty. He said he has recently changed his job and bought a house 2-3 months back so he does not have money. My dad had expired because of heart attack and I could not save him. I felt I could not save my dad, if I help him it will give my some relief. I gave him cash and also transferred some money to his ICICI bank via internet banking. I had taken this money from my friends. Since then I have asked him to return number of times but he keeps giving me new stories – he lost his job, his mom is not well, he needs to pay his son’s school expenses and recently he told me his mom has expired. When I enquired about him I found some shocking facts about him. He was married twice and had lot of girlfriends who he used to have physical relationships and get money from them. He used the matrimonial websites to trap women and he took lot of money from them. He used to bring all these women home and sleep with them in his house. There was also a police complaint of rape against him but he was able to get away with it bribing the police officer and the complaint was never lodged. He changed his address and mobile numbers frequently so that no one can find him. I am not sure where he is living now, I think he stays in Kalyan. I have most of his messages I sent on his different numbers and also the facebook chats which are proofs that he trapped me for money; he cheated me and played with my emotions along with many other women. I also have a call recording of 26th April, 2015 where he has admitted all these. I need to understand what charges will be levied to him and he is guilty under which section of the law.