Dowry demand declined

Hello! I would like to get some help on a situation my close relative is facing. My relative Rima, got engaged to Rohan. right after the engagement rohan's family started to ask for dowry. Rima's Family is against dowry practice and refused to pay. When Rohan and his family forced for dowry, Rima's family broke the engagement. Rima's parents asked Rohan's family to return all the Gifts, Ring and money that was exchanged in goodwill during the engagement ceremony. Post which Rohan's Family has stopped taking calls from Rima's Family and it seems they have no intention to return all that was given during the ceremony. Also, Rima's family arrange for stay and rented the venue for ceremony along with food & beverages, travel and many other expenses incurred for Rohan's family. would like to get those back too. Rohan works for a reputed organisation. Should the organisation's HR be approached to track him and ask him to return everything? or What steps legally can be taken to get back everything given to them? It will be great help if we could use some advice on the same. Thank you. Warm Regards