real estate fraud

Dear Sir / Madam, Good day. I will be forewarding series of mails now to understand better what has happened to us. Let me start from basic. My cousin Mr. Samrat Gupta has started working for link house buildwell company in Noida after completing his engineering. than he came across a gu name vicky sinha ( Vicky Abhishek sinha, S/O- Dilip Kumar Sinha, H/O Karuna sinha ). This entire family all 3 named guys are biggest fraud on the planet. now this guy had convinced my cousin to pay cash for real estate commercial propert in imperia for getting promotion which was part of his promotional qualification. since he was unable to old the property so he had convinced his father to buy one. his father agreed to buy one but at that time he was in Djibouti, Africa as part of his work assignment. He was sending money to his son account. This guy has taken all money in cash and given to Vicky Sinha who in liu of the cash had given fraudent receipt to my cousin. who had not verified the accuracy of that paper. when we approached to Imperia than he had advised that he is in the possessition of the money for which audio clip is there and consider it as loan. i will repay it. he had agreed to make agreement in court which i will be sending in next mails. He had generated entire imperia fake paper and kept the money with him. i will be sending you copy of every single audio clip and fake papers for your record. at the same time he had offered me a ATM Space in mist avenue, for which my uncle had given 75K cash and he generated fake receipt but it was never given to us. Also he had convinced my cousin Rahul to buy ATM space, for which also he convinced to give cash and fake receipt was generated for the same again. When we approached builder than he told he had invested money somewhere else and will return the amount. When all these were over he started issuing cheques continuously from his father and wife account however all got bounced. than we managed to convince him for legal agreement in the court which he readially agreeed but he never paid the money. than again we started cursing him and he again agreed to make 2nd agreement and convinced by him and his father that he is in process of selling a land in order to repay us, but all his deadline is failed and he is again busy bouncing the cheque. We are unable to think what can be done legally and hence we are seeking your advise on this mattter. we have nothing to hide and we have done nothing wrong which will be quite evident from papers to follow. kindly advise us what could be the best solution for the matter. Awaiting reply. Thanks and Best Regards Deepak Kumar Gupta Email : [deleted]