sister was poisoned and raped as well as married on all fake docs

Hello sir/ma'am we are not only tortured mentally by the police even by the local politicians too as they are the best tools for all illegal activities.My name is Rohit singh sengar,my father is in INDIAN AIR FORCE and as he was in jodhpur and I was persuing my degree it was hard to monetize everything but we were managing everything as it was our own house and the person who was on rent for the sale and purchase of cars(old) naming RAJ SRIVASTAVA urf RAJJAN LAL SRIVASTAVA was trying to get involved in our family as he was quite professional in these activities in short, he(RAJ SRIVASTAVA(42)) tracked and teased my sister(23) and feared her that both of her brother will get shoot by his nephew(vishal) she was afraid for this but once he brought her mother and neice and two friends and called my sister to come otherwise your brother is on our gun point.she reached the place where she gave cold drink and poison in it and married in Arya samaj mandir without any permission from girl's family and after criticizing my sister since 2 years when my sister was trying to suicide then we came to know that what was the matter,sister filed a FIR in kidwai nagar police station,kanpur 364/12(family court) 288/12(criminal court),its been 2 years and no output is there and now my sister's marriage is getting late and we are so much worried about all these problems kindly suggest us what to do in this case. Thanks Rohit singh sengar