Karnataka Land Reforms Act 79(A) and 79(B)

My husband recently purchased a land of 1 acre, 16 ghuntas for Rs. 36 Lakhs (but registration was done for 42 lakhs as the guidance value had gone up) - the land is registered jointly in the name of my husband and his mother. My husband is a tax payer, while my mother-in-law is a housewife. My husband lives independently and away from his parents. He recently received a notice from Assistance Commissioner saying that there is a suspicion that he might have violated 79(A) and 79(B) of Karnataka Land Reforms Act and he needs to prove otherwise. Here are some of the points we have 1. My mother in law already owns agricultural land and ours is a family of agriculturists since 1974 2. Here is the breakup of money arranged for purchase of property for which we have proofs: a. Pledged gold in nationalized bank for Rs. 3 lakhs b. Insurance maturity - Rs. 5 lakhs c. Personal loan from bank in my name(wife) - Rs. 10 lakhs d. House leased in my name (wife - house inherited from my parents) - Rs. 9 lakhs e. Savings from dairy farming - Rs. 5 lakhs Below are some of our queries: 1. Should we tell that my husband is a tax-payer? His annual income is 6 lakhs per annum - he has IT returns filed every year - Would it case of violation if he is a tax payer 2. Should we file IT returns for agricultural and dairy farming income for my mother-in-law for last 2 years - If yes, can this be more than 2 lakhs ? 3. Is money received from me (wife) valid? My husband has received 19 lakhs in total through me - Rs. 10 lakhs loan and Rs. 9 lakhs through house lease. Can this be shown as proof? 4. What are other options we have?