ICICI Bank imposed a lien - home loan on savings Account (Fraud)

My savings Account in ICICI bank has been tagged with a lien ( Home loan) for some other person, his name is same as mine "Anuj Sharma". After raising a complaint I got a response that the Bank is investigating and checking on the original loan documents to see if it is a mistake. I have written to bank and also filed a written complaint but nothing has happened till now. The total amount which shows in my account is negative 23 Lakh and my savings account balance is freezed. I have never applied and taken the loan till now in my life. There can be two possibilities which I am thinking either it is a mistake from the bank or some has done fraud which needs to be sorted out now since more and more of time is passing by it doesn't really seems like a mistake and it is pointing more towards the fraud. 1) I noticed the lien on 22nd April due a failed transaction, thought it might be a system glitch. 2) 23rd April Next day called up the customer care and came to know it is a lien for a home loan, customer service confirmed all details are matching but they said they will check again and call but no information after that. 3) 24th April, 2015 I went to a local branchand came to know that the loan was taken by Anuj Sharma along with another person Swati Sharma in Gaziabad, Rampratha Coral Heights apartment and there is another Noida address on the file. I have not stayed or worked in either of these locations throughout my life. 4) Provided the information to the home branch manager, he told they requested for the original documents to be verified. 5) Next day 25th April, as per bank, they are still waiting. It is a huge inconvenience as all my savings in that account and it is blocked. On top of it I am wasting so much of time following up with different people. I am not able to think how to proceed, I am hoping things should get rectify as there are a lot of things goes for a home loan and somewhere or other if there is an actual fraud this guy will get caught but if not I really need help and lots of help to sort this out asap. My Bank account is from year 2003 ( Gurgaon Sector -14 HUDA market complex branch), opened as a salary account for NIIT SMART SERVE when I started my first job. Currently I am based out of Chennai and working for Cognizant technology Solutions. Do let me know if anymore information is required and I will be happy to provide the same but I need serious help now.