Hi I got married on 09.07.14 . my wife stayed with me for hardly 2 months and rest she used to spend with her parental house. On dec14 she went with her mother to her parental house with all her stuffs, she locked the almirah and took the key with her and also did some scene create with my parents which leads to deteriorated my mothers health . after that she ask me to go in a pleasure trip at Mumbai with my in laws. When i was moved to Mumbai with my in laws she slapped me one day in front of everybody and my motherinlaw used slang's against my parents (which they already admitted in a call ) . After returning from Mumbai i came to my home and my wife went to her . she even never bother to esquire about me or my family . One fine evening she called me up and stared hot talking , i disconnected the call . After 5 minutes my mother in law called me up and started using unparliamentary language against my parents and family , suddenly during the call my wife used a very slang language against my sister (I have the call recording) . After this i did a petition of Restoration of conjugal life . In Between my mother went to hospital for 2 times . Suddenly i received a lawer letter( After 2 months of my petition) where some false blames given to me and my family . Even indirect threatening was there . my questions are : 1) Can my wife lodged any false 498 case now as she is not staying with us since December'14 2) I have a snap of my wifes Whatsapp where i caught some intimate conversation with one of her boyfriend . Will the snap will be helpfull for me ? How i will prove that the mobile belongs to my Wifes? 3) My motherin law kept the ring and chain which she gave to me at the time of marraige . How i will prove that the both are lying with my mother in law as they are blaming that i broke the locker of the almirah and stolen all the ornaments where as the fact is my wife locked the almirah and took all the ornaments with her . 4) How i will get mutual divorce as i am not willing to provide any compensation ? 5) should i lodge a case for mental torture by my inlaws and wife as my o mothers recently admitted in hospital and gone under ventilation with Coronary artery Disease and hypertension . Kindly guide me accordingly so that i can atleast avail mental peace. thanks and regards AC