neighbours are fighting and phisicaly harming us over parking

Hello there i m pankaj ,i live in gazipur new delhi .we have a residential property with three floors and one godown.i live with my parents on first floor rest entire building is been put on parents are seniour citizents this is only source of income for them .in my area every one has given house on rent ,70 percent have godowns .in intire area theres only three houses that are acting like king of delhi.if we ever park a car close to there house which is only rare of rare case or if any of our tenents ever stand on street for whatever reasone they beat them and abuse my old age parents .it happens again n again .twice they came into our house to beat us . i just want to know if theres a legal way to stop this gunda raj .its clear they are jealous of our income and wellbeeing because they every time look for smallest to smallest reasone to fight with us.i dont feel safe leaving my family behind ,i have a travelling job i am always scared for safety of my family.please guide me if theres anything i can do for safety of my parents.