Mental harrasment

Dear Sir A girl was my colleague. From 2012. She was engaged with one of my colleague Deepak Mishra. At the time of Diwali 2012 their relation was breakup. Because of any reason. She asked me what to do as friend I have suggested let him go. And go with your career. After that I have became seriously ill. She help me sometime. During January I was back to my JOB after. After 2 months I could not done my job. In july 2013 I was back with my JOB. In August 2013 Then she called that she need a JOB I send her to a Organization where I have came to know about vacancy. After that in March 2014 I shifted my Job Organization and Place both as well as. During this period I was completely disconnected with the Her. One day he told me that she was working in any Institute as RECEPTIONIST. And now she is working in Vodafone office. But a quarrel has been took place between she and a guy within the organization. Now she want to change the job. In January 2015 I have send her for an Interview and she was in job. Job was related to Customer service. Therefore usually I called her for market and customer related issue. She was also dealing with Postpaid sale. Therefore I helped her. She worked as an MIS. My channel related issue could be resolved there easily. But I don’t know why she has created wrong perceptions towards me. We were good friend also. We helped each other. He was working at different location and myself at different location. We were in touch with calls for MIS work and other suggestion and friendly relation. But recently when there was my engagement ceremony I can understand about her perception. I have send an image of my engagement to my all friends. I have came to know that some called to the family members where my marriage was fixed. And misguided them. I called nodal office I have came to know that someone checked my call details. It was she. I asked and scolded her why she did so. Then I was clear that he want to marry me. She beg her pardoned and assured not to do this again. I discussed to my family member. My father called her and asked her if there were any issue between. She again assured and said Sorry. After some days she called to members where my marriage was fixed and said Sorry. Then they asked him about my nature she replied positively and they asked about our friendship then she replied nothing more than a friend. After some she called again there and misrepresent my image. Family members from there called me about clarification. I went there along my educational certificates and all required documents. Then all of them were assured. After one day again she send an msg to the members where marriage were fixed that we has been living like a Hubby and Wife. Then they called me. I assured them that they can call her and me for any Medical checkup. After one day she send a Msg to me that I am not getting marriage with her as her as she is poor and she can’t afford Dowry. I replied that where I am getting marriage are more poor to you. I don’t want to take any legal action. Because it is time of my marriage and a bad social impression will come. What to do I am ready for my medical. But again today she send a msg to the family members where my marriage is fixed. Plz suggest is it right to take a legal action at this time.