property transfer

Dear sir, Husband & wife do not have biological issues they have got one boy from wife own sister & have a regd.will in 1989 for the self aquired property of the wife clearly stating as no issues & the said boy as their adopted son in kannada witnessed by husband, later in 1995 a second will is executed but has no witness sign of husband and a regd. gpa in the name of her husband with right to sell and look after govt.official work. Later the lady relinqushed her right in the property in 1998 under a release deed to her adopted son with a consideration of 1 lac. in 2003 the husband with a gpa gets the same property gifts to his sisters daughter saying she is his daughter, in 2005 the son sells half vacant site and the original holder of the property lady is the consentee witness to the sle deed in 2005 all the tax paid receipts are in the names of the son and the purchaser in 2005 through a regd. sale deed in 2006 the husbands sister daughter files a o.s.suit. stating that she is the daughter and made the lady as the second defendant, whereas the person has given his name as father to both these children in the school records and the father has given his property and cash to his sister`s daughter,and nothing to the boy (wife`s sister son) what is the limitation period. The original property holder had given a written statement to the court and is no more she expired in 2007 whereas her husband expired in 2005 seeing the events first 1998 was a release deed with a consideration amount from the son then in 2003 after a gap of 5 years the husband made a gift deed of the property by using the 1995 gpa ( doesn`t have athe clause to gift whereas there is a clause to look after the property matters in govt. offices and to sell) by the time of gifting of the property the property had been already transferred to the name of the adopted son ( as per the will in 1989 witnessed by husband) I`am the purchaser and the original property holder lady (self acquired ) is the consented witness to my regd. sale deed Kindly do help me suggest me