Wife n in laws want to separate from my Mother

Hi It's been a month I got married but after 2 days of marriage my wife n in laws started quarreling with me for Marriage Bangles. Bangles provided were of laakh by my mother but in laws said that they were of plastic and a widow use to have plastic Bangles.. They said that my mother is widow n she want to make their daughter a widow. We proved that Bangles were of laakh not plastic but now whenever I visit they use to argue with me that my mother want to make widow to their daughter. As I m only son I know my mother needs me most this time she is widow but no one has right to call him widow. My In laws n my wife want to separate me from my Mother I want to know what procedure I have to follow for divorce. And How much have to pay for divorce settlement. I know that they won't let me go for divorce but I cannot bear these things now. As we know that our law gives Female benefits whether she is culprit or not. PLZ advise my salary is 27000 rs. Pm How much money as per law needed for divorce settlement