Can job

Background: I had a son and a daughter, my son expired in the year 1993, and my daughter is married and lives with her in-laws. In the year 1995 my land was acquired by by KIADB in Mysore and a job was assured to a family member of the land losers. My husband also expired in 2010 leaving me alone. After this my sisters son is taking care of me its nearly 5 years till date, now I am 76 year old and he is 26years old, I am willing to adopt him as my Son/Legal heir and willing to ask Government to provide the job assured to family member of the land losers. My question is will the Government provide a job to him(my sisters son who is taking care of me)? Can I adopt him(my sisters son who is taking care of me) now, he is 26year old. I am not able to live alone at the age of 76, I am not even willing to live with my daughter for my personnel reasons with my Son-in-Law. What best can be done to get him the job and declare him my legal heir??? If he cannot be adopted can this Job be provided to him by any means because I don't want to be a burden on him, I cannot earn at this age, hence request the Government to allocate a Job to him because its getting hard for him to bear my expenses. Please suggest on the above.