verbal abuse from the husband and in law

Hi, I had an inter-religion marriage for 2 years. My husbands house comprises of 2 small bedrooms, hall with no furniture, dim light and a small kitchen. During some light movements I hold my husband we could move the table from his room to widen the space, or we can change the to brighten the same. I was trying to make his home as mine with a little touch. I never felt comfortable or like my home. I was always told this "is my house" by my husband. he was always selfish with the lights as we worked in different shifts. There's more but the problem arose when one day my father in law complained about me that "i make faces when corrected" which was never true. this got my husband upset and yell at me and behave violently. and between our fights father in law interfered, i told him he is creating confusion and we have to move out. Now, he fears we will move out.. he has instigated my husband, manipulated things .. turned my husband against me and wants us to divorce. Now, my husband mental, verbally abuses me .. behaves violent and breaks things .. more then that is the verbal abuse .. front of others .. all because of my father law instigating the matter. I request your help to deal with this .. and when I file a compliant what happens. If move out should my husband help in maintenance .. till i move I should be protected to stay there.