Domestic Violence

One of cousin, got married nearly seven years ago. but things started falling from their 02 years of marriage itself as the husband of my cousin and his father and mother including her husband harassing her by both physically and mentally and she beared it all from last 07 years...recently she was severely beatup by the point has come where she is no more to tolerate this and she has come to her parents, and immediately she raised a complaint in local police station against her husband and in-laws towards domestic violence and the police called both of them for counselling before registering FIR against her husband, but during the counselling session, the husband of my cousin is refusing for not doing anything to her and the police is asking the girl to compromise and get back to him. here the problem is, if the girl returns back to husband again after compromise, what is the guarantee for her life, because at any given point of time her husband can turn violent again, then what should be done. the girl's parents have given nearly 12 to 15 lakhs of streedhan to the guy and how this amount is returned back and in what way if she goes for divorce. or any other means to get the amount back to the girl. if at all, kindly suggest me, how to punish the guy.