Not following MOU to share Profit after setting up the business

Respected Sirs/Madam, I helped one of my relative finacially and getting all documentnation and legal work done in getting approvals to start a petrol bunk on her name. Initally, before the application was filed to Bharat petrol bunk, we made an MOU and got the franking done in sub-registrar office on 20Rs stamp papers with terms and conditions that she shoudl pay me 51% of profit quartley. After Bharat petroleum approved the bunk and given Letter of Intent, my relative insisted to create another MOU with 50:50 profit ratio to be shared quarterly. New MOU created with her husband as one of the witnesse and franking done in sub-registrar office on a Rs. 500 stamp paper. the inital MOU was deliberately taken by my relative. I have the Origincal copy of the 2nd MOU. I have given cheques for ~8 lac and cash about 2lac which is mentioned with full details in MOU 2. Now, the Petriol bunk is starting in next 15 days. My relative is saying that she will give interst and some more money as premium for the financial support i have provided but willnot give profit at all.. and wil not go by MOU. She says that she can give money to 20 lawyers but not allow profit sharing. Kindly advice how to approach on this please? Kindly let me know what the the kind Justice in this regard.