maintenance and alimony

We, Mr. devdutt s/o Mr. Mohanlal and Shilpa Haridas Bhagwat; got married at shri singh sabha gurudwara, jalandhar on 26 oct 2010. It was love-cum arrange marriage. We had been in touch through internet for 5 years and then he visited to nagpur where we decided to get marry. We got married in jalandhar as his family demanded, but after marriage slowly the situations started changing . they started annoying me by saying in our culture gold earring should be given to mother-in-law and sister-in-law. My married sister-in- law started staying with us along with his 2 kids and interfering in our family. Keeps on saying that devdutt is supposed to get marry with punjabi girl where he can gets easily expensive gifts like car, house and other household furniture. He was working as public relation officer in sevenseas consultant, jalandhar. Then his family demanded 10 lakhs Rupees to start the new business as we refused to give him, he started to drink more and more and also beats me. When I was pregnat, my sister and eldest brother-in-law came to take me for delivery but they refused as we didn’t fulfilled their demands. so I got delivered in jalandhar. My mother was dieing, she was on last stage I requested him a lot to let me see my mother last time but then they kept one condition, to sign some divorce paper and then only you can go. I agreed on that as I want to see my mother. I signed the paper which was not inront of judge. Still after that he didn’t sent me. After 7-8 months I managed to call at my place and asked my family to send somebody to pick up me. My nephew and his friend come to pickup me. Within a month my died after me reaching here. Even after that whenever I called to my husband he switched off his phone. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law keeps on calling me for fulfulling the demands. Recently I lshifted to pune in july and started working to survive. Still they are calling for the same. Recently my mother-in-law called and said if you didn’t came with money then we will do his 2nd marriage. We will finish you and grab your son. After I reached to maternal place he rarely called me or my son. Never send any single rupees or taken any responsibility of my son. What should i do?