Gift Deed of plot in Corporative Housing Society

Hi, I had a query regarding plot gift deed in cooperative housing society in Maharashtra, Pune. I had purchased a plot in CHS with myself as the first owner (50%) and my father as the second owner(50%). The society issued the membership certificate on my and my father's name jointly. We later purchased a second plot in the same society with my father as the first owner (50%) and myself as the second owner (50%). The plots in the society are on lease for 999 years, so generally, society NOC is required for many things. Now, my father want to do a gift deed of his portion of the second plot to me.The society is not agreeing to this gift deed. Their argument is that there is already a plot (my 1st plot) where I am the first owner so according to them society rules don't allow to have same first owner on more than one plot and they cannot give NOC for the gift deed or issue membership certifate. I want to know below 4 things: 1) If society is telling me the right argument? Is it really not possible for my father to do a gift deed to me? 2) If gift deed is allowed, should society also transfer the share certificates to my name? 3) If the gift deed is done and membership certicate is transfered to my name, do I get 2 votes in the society elections? 4) Is there LBT that needs to be paid on the gift deed of the lease property between blood relations in Pune, Maharashtra? Thanks