How to get rid of cruelty, mental and physical harassment of husband and his entire family members?

My sister got married in 2012. Initially he used to work in south africa( oversea assignment). so the family members managed to believe us that, after the marriage the couple will be living there and there wont be any kind of problems thereafter. After the marriage, everything has been changed. they started dowry harassment and mental torture. After few months my sister husband came to hyderabad and he told that, the project is finished and no more assignments were given to him. he started physical harassment too.......She used to live in that odds. After 2years she has blessed with a baby girl. Now, the entire family started blaming my sister for everything whatever they are facing. For example their daughter is not getting any marriage proposals and their son lost the job meanwhile because of fake documents produced by him. These are only little things to tell. there are lot many..... My parents used to compromise the conditions by talking with the family well wishers on either sides infront of them. but still there is no change. the harassment has been cruel day by sister is well educated person. they made her as a maid in the house. they dont even like her to eat the food, eventhough she has been working from morning to midnight. Throughout the morning the family members will be torturing her and her husband will be torturing in the bedroom. So there is no space for her to live with peace. At present, my sister is not able to tolerate all these kind of behaviour throughout the family. So She want to come out of that. What kind of things she can do legally? Is she able to get any money from her husband? is there any possibilities of making the entire family to suffer for all this ? she got a child now. what about her future? how can she survive right now? she is not interested in the same time she is not able to live with him. what kind of actions can be taken legally?? she has lost almost her entire life in harassment. what is the beginning for her new life??