Hi I’m a female from Canada and I seeking help for legal advice or help I was in relationship with my now ex husband we are still currently married. And we also have a 3 son together he has been back to india. A year now and he hasnt met our child ever nor does he ever help me with our child in any. Way. Why I’m reaching out for help is because he’s mentally and physically abusive towards me. When he was residing in Canada a year in a half ago he had gotten in trouble for physical abuse against me and I’m in situation where I don’t want to be married to him and. For him to help with costs of our child. I don’t want this to happen to any other woman in any country he’s from radaur haryana his name is Karan Singh dutta. So if someone can please help me with this would be greatly appreciated thank you and hope to hear back from someone as soon as possible.here is my personal email to get in contact with me [deleted] Or my mobile number down below.