Child abduction and Child custody by foreign court

My ex wife abducted my daughter when we went to India for 4 weeks, her father is a politician and currently minister in the state cabinet, In Canada we are separated after my ex wanted to live with a married man and she confirmed that in the court affidavit of her cohabitation. Since separation I've been the primary care taker of the child, after 1 year of separation she went to court to seek custody and divorce, after going through the evidences, the Canadian court passed temporary order with minimum visitation rights to mother, every Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm and every Tuesday after school i,e from 3.30 pm to 7 pm, during the access her partner should not have direct or indirect contact with my daughter and should not be present during my daughter's visit because he hit and scared my daughter often. Upon my ex's request the court also ordered for the involvement of 'Office of Children's Lawyer' and I agreed to it. After the investigation 'Office of Children lawyer' advised for 'Reunification Therapy' between the mother and the child and if necessary even with her partner. I even agreed to it supported the therapy by contributing 50% of the costs, I have the court order for this. Therapy started in July 2018, in August my ex made a request to travel India quoting her father's health issues, as part of therapy I agreed to it and I booked flight tickets for 3 of us, and the copy of notarization has also been made with conditions of the return date Sept 25' 2018 and to share our daughter with both families on amicable basis. After going to India, my father in law who is a minister came to know about his daughter's illicit relationship and advised me that he will not be sending his daughter back to Canada and he also wanted my daughter to stay back in India with their family, he forced me to get a mutual divorce in India i,e section 13B after that he wanted his daughter to get married to a person she was cohabiting in Canada. He told me that if I wish to stay back in India he will offer me money and get me a job with his influence. I rejected his offer as I cannot live without my daughter and I've been her primary care giver since she was 4 years old. He postponed my flight tickets thrice without my consent, finally on Oct 17' 2018 I made up my mind to return to Canada with my daughter as she was missing her classes and I was losing my work hours. On the departure he got me arrested at the airport with charges section 498(A) and d/p act. I took bail and relaxation order for travelling 3 months to Canada. I returned to Canada on Nov 8' 2018, even after having the order from the court to travel, I was stopped by FRRO because of look out notice. My daughter is a born Canadian Citizen. After coming to Canada my lawyer made her several requests to return the child forthwith to my care, since she didn't respond he bought ex parte motion with sole custody to me and no access to mother until further order. Plz advice if I can get my daughter back from India