CAW cell procedure

Hello, My question is that event after mediation done by CAW cell which is negative and the concern official made a letter to concern SSP of area to sign the FIR preceding process. After that the husband has made application for re counselling and after that re counselling the result is negative and again the report for filling the FIR is sent to SSP again. But SSP is not signing papers for FIR. even tho he transferred the case to Circle officer of the region and during counselling he was asking for the evidences which was provided and due to influence those papers are forged by the husband by greasing palms of concern authorities. 1. Is there any reference from old cases that does police interfere in mediation process by asking evidences before filling FIR. 2. The case for section 156 also got cancelled by court as the report shared by police the counselling is in process. 3. Is there any other way to file FIR directly for dowry, extra marital affair, harassment sexually and mentally.