Spoil life by wife, she destroyed family ! please help for justice !!!

Date : 08/12/2018 & 09/12/2018 - my wife create conflict always for her motive for go to her village that day she did & go away from my home without knowing anyone & went to police station lodged fake complaint against me & my brother, other side my mother was suffer after major heart attack & we are in the process of bypass operation as clear by angiography report, my wife know very well about this condition but With her cruel thinking she get support always by her relatives which were always Interfere that day i securely left her uncles house where is her mother came already, but my wife not stop here she came my home with police officer for getting clothes, after all this my mother got burdened & she no more after hours - why my wife made all this while knowing my mother's treatment, but she did purposely & also police officer support her in between before this my mother said police officer about Heart Situation but he ignored & took me away to police station when no one with mother at home that time, i told to police officers at police station they ignored deliberately, no one help me & stayed me for 3 hours at evening 19:00 to 22:15 hrs. how can i do for this for complaint against my wife & her relatives. please help for justice !!