Humliation from husband since I want a divorce and custody

Hi, I'm staying in US with my 2 kids from last 1 year that is Marc 2014.. My husband also came along with me but since we never had a good relation he went back after 1 month.Since he left, I was all alone to take care of my kids and was very worried how to manage my kids..I had to arrange a day care for my younger one and by that time even I didn't any sort of vehicle ,in my city public transportation was very bad.I had a friend who was travelling to US to visit his relatives.I asked him to take my daughter along with him since my mother visa got rejected.I made all the arrangement and his stay and since he has to get acquainted with my daughter he stayed here in my city for 3-4 days. I met him twice at public places and third time so see him off at airport.Somehow he hacked my email id and gathered the proofs ,his tickets which I arranged for him .He came back to US the same day when I friend was to go back and he took our snaps on the airport. He came here and started abusing me and tortured me physically. I had to call cops and they took him away from my place. There was a restricted order that he can't meet me and kids. Then he was forced to go back from US,now he and his family is making false allegations on my character and humiliating me and my family in our relatives,my company and other friends. Is there a way I can get rid of all this. He says they want kids back. he's mentally depressed he is undergoing medication since then I got married ,even he has a family history,his mother,father,sister all have undergone depression medication.He's not working since past 5 yrs ,the family survived on my income. I have stayed at my mother home twice before coming to US I was away for him for 1 and half month that is from Dec 2011 to May 2013. What are the chances of divorce and child custody in my case. Please help,