Who is the Right full ownership

Dear Sir. I'm naveen from karnataka. On behalf of of my mother in law I'm seeking for information. Sir. My father in law is an voluntary left the police constable post and bought 4.5 acre of coffee plantation N sold it in 1995 and in same year he bought 1.5 acre of agricultural land, since from his close friend is taking care land N agricultural. My father in law had wife (both are senior citizens) and 5 daughters with no sons. Till 2017 land was in my father in law name and he has paid upto date all kinds of taxes. he had a health issue and had a stroke in 2011 and family members taken care of him. In 2017 he voluntary made a gift deed to my mother in law and we have paid all types of fees to the sub register Office and now all documentation are in my mother in law name. But my father in law not told anybody at home and did a sale deed with his close friend in 2011 at sub register office, but they have not paid govt fee and that file kept as pending. Now he is torturing my mother in law and daughters and kicked from home N now my mother in law homeless N staying with her 3rd daughter and still 2 daughter should get married. And my father in law asking his wife to cancel the gift deed or asking her to sign a give a paper, so he can cancel it. His only intention is cancel the gift deed and giving to his friend. Sir already we have lodge a complaint in ladies police station N met Superintendent of Police, Since my father in law is worked as police department he know how to manage very well. Sir my question is 1 Can my father in law cancel the gift deed without my mother in law signature. 2 Is District Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner has right to cancel this gift deed 3 By any means can he cancel it. Sir I'm looking forward to have your help and suggestions Thanks Naveen