Property dispute

I have purchased 275 Sq yards plot in year 2015 when I was working US. Recently I relocated to India, and hearing about a case against my property. Here the details: 1) 6 acers of Agriculture land converted into GP layout plots belongs to a Muslim family. 2) Said property was divided into three parts two for two sons and one for the wife of original property owner. 3) Builder who converted Agri land into plots, purchased two parts of the property from both sons and converted them into residential plots. 4) After few plots sold out, Wife of original property owner put a case saying that her share in the land is on the side where the plots are divided. There was no clear settlement deed was made between three parties ( two sons and wife). 5) There are no clear court orders to stop any constructions on that land but with political support she could stop the plot owners not construct any boundary walls or any sort of constructions in that land. Can you please advise how should I proceed to make any sort constructions in that plot?