Status of case

Dear Sir, My name is Rajesh MS, my father had purchased a half site(15*40) in 2004 and we left the site without constructing any house due to financial problem but in 2013 one of the real estate agent came to us and advised us to sell the site as early as possible as there is some case on it so we agreed for that and decided to sell the site for 10L and took advance amount of 2.5L but till now he has not paid the balance amount and even we didn't register the site on his name but now he is telling that there was a case on it and case has been won by some other party and he is asking us to take settlement amount of 2.5L so i applied for the phani in which it shows that there is a case on it from 2008 so we asked for the order copy of the judgement but he is refusing to give the details so I request you to advise us in knowing the status of the case. Case no format: OS 2***3/2008. Please help it is my father's hard earned money so he has taken lot of tension due to this. Thank you in advance and sorry for my grammatical mistakes if any. Regards, Rajesh MS