Got terminated during notice pay from company.

I have following issue. I was recruited by Technosoft Corp, Chennai and then deported to Sears Holding Corp in June of 2013. My company is a Bodyshop company. They released me on 7th Oct,2014 as they were facing issue in my conversion. After this my company (Technosoft) put me on notice pay on 9th Oct,2014 (written mail available) and my HR asked me to stay at home and look for another job through telephonic conversation. I switched off my phone as I wanted to stay alone for some time. Some days later, my company came up with some another client's interview and tried to contact me. They sent me a termination letter on my personal email Id quoting I am absconding and I will not get any salary and declared 9th Nov as last day. I contacted them in Feb regarding my release documents (Relieving, Exp, Form16, Remaining Salary Part + My fixed part which is deducted every month) as I wanted to start another job. But they are refusing to give those documents. They say that I am terminated and will not get any documents. I am still continuously asking them for these docs, but they are not replying none of my mail. Their HR is not picking up my phone calls. I need you consultation on what should be done to get relieving letter, remaining salary. If I file a notice against them, what can be the fee any lawyer charge?