employment bond

at the time of joining in my company, I have entered into an agreement to serve the company for two years and incase of not completing the period, Rs.2 Lakhs shall be compensated. After three months of working, my boss behaved very inhumanly and abusing in fillthy language and treated me as a bonded labour. I am B.Tech. Due to his harassment, I have stopped going to the officer. They have called me over phone. I have given a detailed mail explaining the reasons and how my boss is humilating and ill treating and hence I am unable to attend the duties. This issue I have discussed with the other high ups in the organisation during the attending time. This is not the fate of myself and so many employees gone away without information. But they have not taken any action on them. One of the above employee is ready to give witness. Later on, the company served a legal notice and I have replied to the legal notice stating that the bond is illegal and not maintainable in the court and no training has been given since my nature of job is administrative job wherein no special training is required. Now they went to the court and I also appointed one lawyer in Hyderad. Now the case is going on. Can you please suggest advice how to win the case. Please also quote any of the similar case decisions in Supreme court/High courts of any state. Please help us As per the agreement there is a clause that the above said amount was mutually calculated which is never discussed with me.