My wife harass my mother and me

Hi, My question is that , my wife is staying with my mother from last one year and my wife mentally harass my mother mentally. When I got married my wife stay with me in Delhi, My parents got a accident in June 2011,My father got dead and my mother was injured , i also got job at Lucknow so i ask my wife to stay with my mother in Allahabad, i go my mother home every weekend . She stay with my mother but she started harassing my mother mentally . she left my mother home went to her parents in 2012 , after some days she came back to my mothers home, i was also there ( as i left my job and start a business in Allahabad) , she stared argue with me and my mother. when we sleep at nightly suddenly her brother with some friends came inside my room and beat me and my mother and take my wife back to her parents home . That night i went to police station and filed a FIR again her and her brothers but i came to know that she already filed FIR again me , my mother and my sister . she stay with her parents from 2012-2014 April, then my son got ill and my mother got her back to house, now she stay with my mother from last one year she harassing my mother mentally as I am now working in Delhi from a year she call me and abuse me too , I ask her to leave my mother house , i will take a house on rent for her and give her monthly expense for her and my 2 sons , but she is not ready to leave my mother home . She always intimidate me and my mother that she will file case again us , will ruin our life . I need help, can I ask her to leave my mother house legally, i am ready to provide her a rented house in Allahabad and ready to provide monthly expense also. I dont have any kind of relation ship with her from 2012 can i file a divorce , i cant life with her , she ruined my mind totally , I am very depress . Please help me