i got married in 2009 but after four years of my marriage my wife ran away from my house and i came to know that she was involved with somebody else and she asked for a divorced when we went to the kazi she told that she no longer wants to live with me and we had a daughter also so she gave the custody of daughter to me[husband]i accepted the divorce since my parents told what she has done is against islam and her mother and father to left her and she wanted to marry that guy.but again my parents told me to get a new mother for my daughter so i got married in 2015 january before marriage the girls parents told me that she was in depression since her previous husband gave her divorce.they told me that she is ready for a new marriage and she will take responsibility of our daughter but i found out that she is mentally retarded she even dont know about marital responsibilty and she asked for divorced after the next day of marriage she told she cant handle this all responsibility and told me that she has a very big mental problem and in past medical shorts where given to her and she is not interested in sex at all and she wants to live a normal life but her parents and her brother are forcing in to this marriage so she called me yesterday and told me that i am fit amd healthyand i can handle everythinga but i told her that since you and your parents did not informed me about your medical past i want to end this relationship but her parents are not listening what to do. she is suffering from schizophernia and i have her medical reports also she is on medication also and i came to know about this after marriage