CrPC 125 filed by father ... I have already lost my job

Respected Sir, here is my case. I had to leave my parental home 3 years ago (two storied fully furnished house which is in my mother's name, I have made significant contribution towards it's construction which my father now denies) due to mental tortures (including insufficient meals) inflicted on my wife by my parents. My parents have earlier refused to take INR 5000 offered by me per month (they have refused the money order three years ago). They have repeatedly refused to take money from me and even tried to divide me and my wife through various means. My mother has even tried to forcibly lock me up and attempted to beat my wife earlier. I used to earn INR 58000 but lost my job on Feb 15, I already have medical expenses for my wife (me and my wife have lost our first child recently) and also paying the EMIs of my flat (incomplete, INR 7000, which will increase in phases) and leaving in a rented house (rent = 10500 INR). My father claims to have only an income of INR 4500 through post office and is claiming INR 35000 Will the court force me to pay maintenance even if I do not have a job. I want to give maintenance to my parents but cannot afford more than 8000 INR considering my last salary and also at this moment I can't afford anything since I do not have a job Please advice, my hearing is on 30th April