Grandfather's property share to children and grandchildren

My grandfather has 5 daughters and 1 son. 3 daughters are elder than the son and 2 daughters are younger than the son. I am elder daughter of the last daughter of my grandfather. My grandfather has written all his properties only to his son (my maternal uncle) without getting consent or signature from all his daughters. Registration of the properties is also done on his son's (my uncle's) name. My mother and her sisters (my aunts) are not interested to file a case on this. However I feel that this is injustice and I would like to get my rightful share on this since I am his own grand daughter and I should have legal rights in his properties. I would like to seek your legal advice on the following: 1. At this time, can I file a case in court? 2. I have an younger brother as well (who is major as well). Should he also file a case along with me? 3. And, I also would like to know is the registration for all my grandfather's properties done on my uncle will legally be accepted (without consent/signature from all my aunts)?