Is leave & license document valid for marriage registration?

I am not from Mumbai, but am currently residing in the city. I would like to get married to someone who is from a different religion. We have taken the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ from Registrar of Marriage. As per this document, there is a list of valid documents that can be submitted along with the application. I have lost the originals of my Voter’s ID, Birth certificate and School Leaving Certificate. I haven’t yet applied for an Aadhar card or a passport. The only valid documents that I currently have are duplicate of Birth certificate (not a photo copy and is validated by the concerned person), Pan card, copy of the ration card, and the copy of Leave and License agreement in my name for the property I am currently living in. My questions are: 1. Can I use this duplicate copy of Birth certificate as age proof? 2. In the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’, it says – Agreement for sale, Own name L & L. Regn. Is my rental leave and license document valid? If it is, would I need the original of it? The original is currently with my house owner. 3. When would these documents be verified? When we submit the application or after the 30 day notice period?