Problems with/from inlaws

Hello sir/ma'am, I have been married for 5.5 parents and in laws stay in same town me and husband with my son were staying in banglore.right from the 3rd after my marriage I have problem with my in laws demanding on properties as they made huge loans in bank for their business and they are even ready to sell their house to clear those loans in bank and after that they will be left with husband is adopted from MIL's sibling sister.they brought him up in such a way that if they didn't like anyone they will use him as a watch dog against them,which my husband is not realising and I never said anything bad about his parents till date until they created any serious problem to me,but he always takes their side he never supported me.i was married soon after my studies where I didn't know cooking for which they demanded divorce in 2months after my I didn't conceive 3-4months after the marriage in laws demand for divorce in front of my parents.for every simple reason his parents want divorce but my husband never wanted that from me atleast he never said that to me.once I got aborted and not well and I have to go to my parents place to take rest for some 20days,when I visited them during that time they told me that if I stay here for some more days their son will find some other girl and If at all something like that happens I'm not supposed to complain them on that,but I'm always sure that my husband is not so desperate to do such things and I told them the same that I turst him.i took care of them very well when ever they underwent surgeries (like thrice till date) like cleaning their toilet laws always compare me with other people on how much gold and properties they got from their parents,they made my husband also do the same with me,he used to obey what ever they say as he is adopted.they even made my husband ask gold waist chain for an unborn child during my 9th month of pregnancy even before knowing the child going to be is a boy or girl.they always tried to create problem between us.when they didn't succeed from my side they came from his laws consider me as a maid,they expect me only to take care of them not even bothering my child when he had 104 degree fever.MIL tells me not to spend time with my 2.5 year old baby in that condition telling that who will cook for them if I sit with child.they gave me so much of mental torture where I felt like committing suicide,but I never wanted to do that for my child sake husband is a very good husband until he never listens to his parents,but he is not a human being once they spoil his mind.they made my husband abuse me physically no of times,but I suffered all those thinking that he is doing all those listining to his parents as I love him like mad.but in January situation has worsen in their physical harassment where my MIL instead of stopping my husband from squeezing my throat she held my legs and in that harassment I was hit on my eye where my orbit bone got fractured restrectin horizontal movement of my eye for which I underwent orbit fracture surgery which is a major one.after hitting me before the surgery I stayed with my husband for 20days.during that time my surgery talks were going on with the doctor.i still stayed with him considering that he will change someday but that never happened,I tried to take him for counselling as well but his parents didn't let him do that and started harassing me more thinking that my parents can't to anything even after all this and they started abusing my parents and me verbally for which I came out of the house registered MLC and filed 498a and DV against them for which my husband was sent to jail for 3days under IPC 326.and I have solid voice recorded proof on his parents asking for properties and gold with my child and I want my husband back with us.what can I do to save my marriage?please help me.