Dear sir I am sapna. My parents decided of my marriage with a boy but I love some once else .I don't want to marry that boy I want to merry with my love but they force fulIy merried me with that boy .I talk to him many time I don't want yo marry with this guys even I talk many time of guys also and his parents but they don't lessen any thing .the boy keep pressure on my parents , even they told to my parents I will take care of her diseases and they also put many pressure and because of all this thing my parents decided to merry with that guys.But I don't stay with him and I have no choice to deny the marriage because 1.my parents given me if you left the home or if you deny for marriage then we will dead . 2. I am not well 3. My younger sister marriage is also confirmed . My boyfriend also wants to merry with me .but sir because of all my situation I am decided tomerry of my parents choice.but o don't want to continue of my married life And beacuse of my oppose they forcefully married me in court Ludhiana on 15.04.2015 . Now sir I am free from my parents side I don't want to stay with my husband ,I don't want to continue life with him and I also don't want to any money or help from him and i also dont know he will take care of my hospial expenses or not. So how can I take divorce from my husband .and what should I need to do to to get easily divorce . Please give me some suggetion sir .i need legal help.