Cheque Bounce

I gave a loan to a central Govt employee some 3 years back. Got from him promissory note for the amount and check of some amount. I deposition the cheque on the given date and it was bounced due to insufficient funds. I tried to trace the person whom I gave loan. First I tried to reach his home address but it was a fake one given to me. Then i approached a lawyer and he told me that he will first send a lawyer notice to the person. I have no other address except his office address and my lawyer sent the notice to the office address. Here the twist was. The particular office will not entertain any body inside due to security reasons. Its a highly secured area. So the lawyer notice should be served to the gate office only. Here one more point would like to to tell... The person to whom I gave loan was already convicted by the court some 6 years back in the similar case with me only. At that time the court gave orders in my favor. So this person is a known criminal/convicted before the court already. So there is no point telling that the court doesn't know the person. Last point is this person will retire from his service in June 2015. Now my questions are.. If the letter gets rejected or un-served from that office address? If I could not trace his current residential address? How should I convince the court to take legal action against the person? [ He is currently in central govt service and more over he was already convicted by the count some time back in the similar kind of case with me only]